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Leadership Pathways

​Principal Mrs Jackie Roberts and school leaders.


Each year, Inglewood SS P-10 staff congratulate themselves on the growing number of excellent students applying for leadership positions.  The school enjoys a long leadership tradition and students willing to step up and offer themselves as candidates is certainly a source of pride for staff, parents and our wider school community.

Naturally, although leadership implies important events and special privileges, mostly it involves service – service to the school, service to the students and service to the wider community.  Leaders must constantly give of themselves and their time for the greater school good and although there can be benefits to this, usually it involves much self-sacrifice and doing what is right, rather than what would make them more popular.

Our leaders run parade every week along with assisting staff with a myriad of activities and events over the course of the year.  From Anzac Day to Meals on Wheels, you will see our leaders assisting at all manner of school and community events and the increasing number applying each year ensures we have a wealth of potential yet to be realised in the coming years.

Of course, every so often something really special comes along and this year that came in the format of the visit from the Governor General.  Our school captains, Hayden, Kaide, Harry and Madi, had the privilege of meeting His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) when he toured our local district earlier in the year.  Our ever-wonderful P & C purchased new formal uniforms for our captains to wear and to say they looked a treat would be an understatement!  Apparently a great deal of handshake practicing prefaced the day and the students were certainly nervous about what to expect. 

Highlights of the day were the fancy cars (complete with secret service-looking personnel), speeches, tree planting and the High Tea finger food.  His Excellency was very impressed the captains were attired in school uniforms on their weekend and thanked them personally in his speech.  One captain even made the Principal, Mrs Jackie Roberts, keep track of the cricket score in order to give updates to His Excellency (after he expressed an interest in it)! 

The Governor General made a point of speaking personally to all students there and his obvious effort with them was gratifying to note.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for our captains and one they will be sure to treasure always.  Living proof that it’s not all hard work being a leader at Inglewood SS P-10!