Sport! Sport! Sport!

​Students competing at Border District Trials.
​Sport! Sport! Sport! At Inglewood SS P-10
With the compression of sport into the first two terms of this year (thanks to Regional trials all coming forward) one could be forgiven for thinking there is an over-abundance of sport at the moment – which would be true!

Inglewood SS P-10 students have been hard at work with their studies and equally hard at work with their sporting abilities, endeavouring to adequately balance the two.  The results have been fantastic!  Several carnivals/trials have occurred and we have been well-represented at all. Congratulations to the following students for their pursuit of sporting excellence:

*Inglewood SS Interhouse Swim Carnival: 
MacIntyre gave it their all but the Coolmunda dominance continues unabated.  Congratulations to Coolmunda on, yet another, convincing win.  They’d better look out for the Cross Country and Athletics however…Macintyre shows real promise in those!  Congratulations to our Age Champions Lincoln, Lilly, Ryan, Miah, Will, Imogen, Zeb, Ella, Harry, Emily, Regan, Lily, Caleb and Ruby.
*Border Summer Sports:
Well done to Molly, Tara-Jae, Shakara, Emily, Sienna, Harry and Jaycob for their efforts with Touch.  Super congratulations to Molly, Shakara and Harry for making Border District teams amid stiff competition.
*Border Swim Carnival:  Well done to our swimmers Regan, Ryan, Ruby and Harry on a great day of swimming.  They came home with the Aggregate trophy and some great times to boot!  The boys also placed second on the day in points – well done!  Love to see Inglewood SS P-10’s name in amongst all the big Warwick, Stanthorpe and Goondiwindi schools!  All these students will continue on to the DD trials in Gatton on 5 March so we wish them all the best.
*MacIntyre Swim Carnival:
Great swimming by Leah, Lilly, Miah, Imogen, Millie, Zoey, Ella, Hailey, Ella, Chelsey, Lincoln, Ryan, Archie, Slayde, Matt, Max, Will, Seth, Lucas, Zeb, Declan, Lachie, Jack and Rylan.  Going on to DD Trials on 6 March following their selection in the MacIntyre Zone team are: Lincoln, Leah, Lilly, Imogen, Ella, Zeb, Seth and Will.  Congratulations to these students for their commitment to training and giving their all at the trials.
*2-Way Meet Swim Carnival:
Some would say that by far the most exciting news of the term is the result of the 2-Way Swim Meet – WE WON!!!  In case you missed it, we’ll say it again – INGLEWOOD SS P-10 WON!!!  The friendly rivalry between the towns occurs on many arenas but none so much as the sporting.  It was indeed a sweet moment to finally secure victory in the coveted 2-Way Swim Meet – we’ll be riding on that euphoric moment for quite some time no doubt!  Texas SS provided rigorous competition and some fantastic team spirit but could not hold out against the Inglewood dominance on the day.  A question remains however – when was the last time Inglewood SS P-10 won this carnival (if ever)?  We implore the assistance of the readers with this query as we believe it could be the proverbial ‘breaking of the (sporting) drought’ so to speak.  Time will tell…veritable history in the making…!
Congratulations also to these students from our school who earned Age Champion on the day – Lilly, Will, Hailey, Harry, Ryan, Regan, Caleb and Ruby.
*Border Winter Trials:
Well done to the following students for attending the trials seeking Border District representation:  Jaycob (Rugby League); Steven, Ryan, Will and Goren (Soccer); Tara (Basketball); and Ruby, Molly, Lily, Emily and Sophie (Netball).  There was some stiff competition and a high level of skill from across the district but fantastic work by Tara and Jaycob on making the team to go on to DD Trials!
*MacIntyre Touch Trials:
Well done to Declan, Zeb, Will, Mackenzie, Jack, Lucas, Max, Matt, Ethan, Ella, Chelsey, Ella, Jemma-Lee, Zoey, Hailey and Imogen for their commitment to training and striking some fancy moves at the Touch trials held recently in Texas for the MacIntyre Zone.  Super congratulations to Declan, Lucas, Will, Ella, Mackenzie and Ethan for making the team to continue on to DD Trials on 18 March in Toowoomba.
A whole swathe of our students have continued to train over the holidays and competed recently in the Inglewood Aquatic Centre Aquathlon with some truly terrific results.  A further little band has been hard at work with more intensive training for their up-coming Queensland State Trials for Triathlon (Emily) and Aquathlon (Declan, Imogen and Will) in Hervey Bay.  Attending the Hell of the West along with our local Inglewood Aquatic Centre Aquathlon has certainly sharpened their abilities and they are set to take on the state in fine form later this week.  We wish them all the best!

Whew!!! Stay tuned for more exciting results over the next couple of weeks!

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Last reviewed 29 April 2020
Last updated 29 April 2020