The Parents and Citizens Association

Any member of the community may be a member of the P&C Association. Meetings are held at the school on the second Thursday of the month. All are cordially invited to attend. The Annual General Meeting is held in Term 1 usually in March.

School tuckshop

The P&C Sub-Committee operate the school canteen. Ordered lunches are available on the last school day of the week only. Tuckshop will not be open on any other days so parents and students need to ensure that they have lunch on these days. There is a range of healthy food on the menu. It has been the aim of the Tuckshop to provide nutritional food at very reasonable prices. Your support through assisting on Tuckshop is sought and is desperately needed. Parents are welcome to leave lunches at the office for students to collect during the day.

School uniforms

The Inglewood State School P&C Association endorses the wearing of the school uniforms and as such the wearing of the school uniform has been adopted as a school rule. The P&C Association supports the Principal in enforcing the rule and consequences apply for breaching this code. A note from parents is required in situations when a student can not be in uniform. Some school activities may require students to be out of uniform (camps/some excursions/special dress days). An extensive range of uniform clothing is now available at the Tuckshop (Friday only or by prior arrangement).

Uniforms are now available to purchase from Arthur Schofield & Co Goondiwindi. Opening hours are 8.00am - 5.15pm weekdays, and 8.00am - 12.00pm Saturday.

Please contact them on (07) 4671 1461 or if you have any enquiries.

Orders and money can also be submitted at the Inglewood State School office.

Orders will be collated on Monday, collected from Goondiwindi on Tuesday and distributed to you on Wednesday (some exceptions will apply).

Bucket hats, library and swimming bags can be purchased from the school's office between 8.30am - 3.00pm.

No fashion jewellery or make-up allowed.

Students may have plain small studs or sleepers for piercings. Hair bands/accessories are to be kept plain and functional. No bands/chains to be worn on wrists or ankles. No neck laces or rings. Watches are allowed.


The School Sunsafe Policy requires students to wear broad brimmed hats for all activities outside shaded covered areas.

Our school hats are available from Scholfieds in Goondiwindi or the school office. It is a Navy wide brim hat.(Recommended colours to match uniform). Other broad brimmed hats in school colours will be considered acceptable as long as they are predominantly school colours and have no offensive material (written or pictorial) on them. Students without hats will be confined to shaded areas under buildings during the lunch breaks. Caps may not be worn at school. This dress code may not apply for some supervised sporting activities (training or competitions).


Appropriate covered footwear must be worn at all times. Cooking, gardening, scientific and technical study areas require shoes with predominately leather uppers (the entire foot must be covered) to meet Workplace Health and Safety requirements. Practical subjects require an enclosed upper sole made of leather or vinyl to protect the foot from spills or sharp objects. Ventilation for the foot to breathe such as air holes or mesh sections should be very minimal and limited to the sides of the shoe. These shoes do not have to be worn all day and can be changed prior to the practical lesson, meaning work boots could be used for this purpose. For general school use, shoes need to be practical, providing good support for the foot and not to be seen as fashion accessories. Slip on deck shoes will not be allowed as they come off easily and provide little if no support.

Primary/secondary uniform (boys/girls formal and sport)

Short white socks

Navy Rugby long leg Shorts or, for girls, a Navy Netball Skirt (with navy sports briefs) or Navy Cantebury Shorts (white CCC being phased out in 2017) or Navy long leg Ruggers.

Maroon & Navy design Polo Shirt.

School jumper/jacket

School designed spray jacket

Navy fleece jumper or hoodie (available from larger chain stores). this is the only jumper/hoodie that will be acceptable. The jumper/hoodie MUST BE TOTALLY NAVY WITH NO DESIGN OR WRITING ON IT (Hoodie not to be worn with the hood over the head).

Sun safe shirt or T-shirt for aquatic activities e.g. swimming.

Representative uniforms/clothing e.g. School Sports shirts, Darling Downs, Queensland, Macintyre etc may be worn on a Friday only. This includes representative hoodies.

Winter - navy track suit bottoms.

Year 10 may wear their Year 10 jersey for a school jumper.

Not Permitted:

Necklaces (unless religious/cultural significance - note supplied)

Dangling and decorative earrings.

Piercings, rings, bracelets/bangles/bands/anklets (unless medi-alert)

Bike pants are NOT permitted for health reasons

Headbands or hair accessories that impedes the wearing of a hat

Artificial nails are not to be worn to school.

Makeup and Fingernails

Makeup is NOT to be worn at school.

Students who present at school with makeup on will be required to remove it immediately.

Only clear nail polish is acceptable. Students will be asked to remove coloured polish.

Formal boys

Usually worn by students in leadership positions/to be worn at official functions/outings:

White open neck shirt

Navy trousers

Tie and blazer loaned by school

Formal girls

Usually worn by students in leadership positions/to be worn at official functions/outings:

Navy skirt – inverted pleats
White blouse
Tie and Blazer loaned by school

Last reviewed 05 May 2020
Last updated 05 May 2020